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Join the mission to expand the frontiers of space

Space exploration addresses humanity’s most fundamental questions about the evolution of the world and the existence of life beyond Earth. It pushes the boundaries of our scientific and technical knowledge and challenges us to go further.

At the heart of the space quest are robotics, enabling us to go beyond our human limitations by extending exploration time-frames and withstanding extremes of temperature, pressure and radiation. Today’s planetary robots examine extra-terrestrial surfaces; tomorrow they could construct planetary surface infrastructure for human arrival. Meanwhile the technology that is increasing our understanding of the magnetic properties of Martian dust is also driving advancements here on earth, from robotic surgery to nuclear decommissioning and wind turbine maintenance.

Our workshop provides a fascinating insight into the multidisciplinary space robotics industry and how you can apply your maths, science and design skills to these pioneering areas.

How this workshop could benefit you

Elite Instruction

Get an expert, insider guide to the pioneering world of space robotics

Scientific Insights

Discover the trends shaping the future of the space robotics industry

Expert Guidance

Learn how space robotics could impact careers in different industries and research roles

Practical Learning

Benefit from hands-on tasks and real-life scenarios

Insider Advice

Gain first-hand insight into an exciting range of transferable skills for your future career

Executive Career Coaching

Pick up career tips and advice from robotics experts

Valuable Contacts

Build a network of current and future engineers and scientists

Get Ahead of the Curve

Give your university applications and career pathway a competitive edge

Emanuele Pulvirenti Profile Picture

Delivered by guest expert

PhD Researcher, Bristol Robotics Laboratory

Emanuele is a self-confessed space exploration enthusiast with a Master’s degree in Aerospace, Aeronautical and Space Engineering from the University of Bristol. Having previously worked as an Electric Vehicle Development Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover he is currently studying for a PhD in Robotics and Autonomous Systems at Bristol Robotics Laboratory, where he is researching the development of a soft exosuit for hypogravity adaptation.

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What to expect?

Launch into the world of space robotics

Hosted by a space engineering expert, our workshop offers a beginner’s guide to space exploration robotics, introducing you to key missions and varying robot types from probes, and spheres to robotic arms and humanoids. You’ll take a closer look at current research and job opportunities in the space robotics industry, and discover the skills you’ll need to succeed in roles such as programming, systems engineering, electronic engineering, control engineering.

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Learn hands-on robotic skills

The workshop gives you first-hand practical experience of producing a conceptual design for an autonomous robotic lander to explore Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. You’ll develop an understanding of the various subsystems deployed and design issues involved, including Europa’s landing site terrain conditions, pressure and temperature, the scientific objectives of the mission and the various instruments required.

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Exclusive access to space robotics professionals

Our guest professionals are on hand to share their experiences of working in different areas of space robotics and the emerging trends across the sector. They’ll answer your questions and offer valuable advice on starting out and progressing in this multi-disciplinary field.

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Workshop timetable



Meet your instructor and get a brief overview of the day’s activities.


Robotics in Space

Overview of robotic space exploration and key missions with an introduction to robot types from satellites and probes to recent and unconventional designs.


Space Robotics in Industry and Research

Develop a detailed understanding of the space robotics industry and the technologies used, explore the main areas of research, key players in the sector and their areas of expertise.


Develop hands-on skills

Get practical experience producing a conceptual design for an autonomous robotic lander to explore Jupiter’s Europa moon.


Skills for Robotics in Space

Build on your practical experience with an introduction to the skills for space robotics such as programming, systems engineering, project management and electronic engineering.


Robotics in Space – Careers Overview

Gain insight into some of the academic and industry careers in space robotics.


Panel Q&A

Ask our experts – get the answers and advice you need to get ahead.

The timetable is just an example and the exact timings and content may be a little different on the day.


A PC or Mac (laptop or desktop)

Zoom to access the workshop

A stable internet connection

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7 August 2021


13:30 - 17:00



Frequently asked questions

What is Skills Gap?

We are a careers accelerator, running short tech workshops and courses for 15-19 year-olds. Taught by passionate industry experts, our programmes give you the insight and practical tech skills required by companies in finance, science, engineering and many other sectors.

Who is the Robotics in Space workshop for?

The workshop is specifically designed for students aged 15 to 19 who are looking for a career in space robotics, and want an insight into the skills needed for related industry roles and career paths. It aims to give you a head start before you begin university or take any other route into the sector.

Do I need any robotics or engineering experience to take part?

Not at all. The workshop has been created with beginners in mind, and has been designed to give you an overview of space robotics today and the exciting academic and industry opportunities.

How do I access the workshops online?

We use Zoom. It is free, easy, allows everyone to be on camera and mic at the same time, and features intuitive presentation and learning tools, like collaborative white boards and break-out rooms for group work.

How fast does my internet need to be?

You will need a stable internet connection capable of supporting video conferencing. We recommend using a wired ethernet connection with a download speed of at least 4Mbps and an upload speed at least 1Mbps (preferably 3.8Mbps).

What computer hardware and software will I need?

Essential hardware
You will need a PC or Mac (laptop or desktop) which has at least 8GB of RAM and runs Windows 10 or Mac OS 10.11 or later.

Essential software
You will need Zoom. If you have not used it before, you can create a free account and download the app for your phone, tablet or computer.

You will also need Microsoft Excel 2016 or later. Please make sure it is the full version and not the web-based program, which lacks some essential functions.

If you do not have Excel, we recommend you get a free Office 365 licence using your school email address or take a free Office 365 trial (which requires a credit card). You can also get a personal licence for Office for £59 a year / £5.99 a month.

We also highly recommend using a second screen. This will allow you to quickly and easily move between the various applications.

While a tablet, smartphone or Chromebook can be used as a second screen, we don’t recommend you use these on their own for the workshop.

How do I join the workshop on the day?

We will send you a Zoom link via email shortly before it starts.

Who do I speak to if I have more questions?

If you have not been able to find out what you need from the information on this page, please email our friendly team at

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