Why Skills Gap?

We help develop skills and enhance career prospects by teaching in-demand digital skills in a modern group learning environment ready to unleash in the wider world.

With digital skills in high demand across all sectors, there’s a growing need for a new generation of employees who combine impressive qualifications, fundamental tech knowledge and personal qualities like creativity, resilience and emotional intelligence.

Bespoke courses created specifically for you

Our online courses are designed in-house and in partnership with industry experts to ensure the content is cutting edge, relevant and is readily applicable across a broad range of work and educational settings. The content is more than generic learning, it’s tailored and regularly refreshed to ensure you get the best and most current learning.

Essential skills for future success

While a degree or professional qualification is important, today’s employers are also looking for evidence of other essential skills and qualities. And that’s exactly what our courses are designed to give you.

These include an understanding of tech fundamentals – such as data analytics, coding and digital marketing – as well as resilience, problem-solving, teamwork, leadership, creativity, curiosity and strong communication.

Inspirational instructors with industry experience

We’ve put huge effort into handpicking passionate industry experts to teach you.

Our course designer and main instructor is Celia Fryar, a distinguished faculty member and leading light in online tech learning. She’s got over 17 years’ experience in systems engineering, data communications and data analytics – she knows her stuff!

Along the way she’ll be joined by entrepreneurs and industry leaders who’ll share their insights as part of our exclusive Tech Talks.

I'm a huge believer that the biggest advances in the world in the next few decades are going to come at the confluence of two or more subjects.

Demis Hassabis (DeepMind)

Unleash a powerful combination of skills and knowledge

When technology combines with other areas of life, incredible, disruptive, unforeseen things happen. Think Amazon, Uber or Netflix. If you’re heading to uni – whether you’re studying medicine, marketing or manufacturing – or into the jobs market you’ll be able to utilise your learning and the personal development gained on a Skills Gap course.

This powerful blend will help you stand out in a crowded marketplace, putting you in a strong position to make a real impact in whichever industry or profession you choose.

What does a Skills Gap course involve?

Explore course structure, how you’ll learn and the skills you’ll come away with.

How our courses work

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We like to be helpful, so we’ve put together answers to a whole bunch of popular queries.